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Holding Hands in the Sunshine

Pre-Marriage, Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Relationships are the state of being connected. Their strength can be measured in the way we relate and behave towards each other.  To build muscle, gain a skill or improve in any area takes dedication, effort and a willingness to learn. Relationships are no different. Your relationships will benefit from strength building exercises, learning effective communication methods and conflict resolution skills. Learning and applying these can lead to strong healthy relationships. 

It is easy to get caught up in planning the perfect wedding but rarely do couples embark on planning a great marriage. Premarital counseling provides the opportunity to learn about each other on a deeper level while investing in your lifelong relationship. The origin of many conflicts has to do with our expectations being unmet, unspoken and unrealistic. Discussing and developing realistic expectations especially where related to sex, finances, children and relationship roles can limit adjustment issues further down the road. Learn how to navigate the journey of your marriage together.

Marriage counseling is an investment in you and your future. As we mature, our relationships need to grow, evolve and mature as well. That may involve learning new strategies for what no longer works and finding out how to improve and refresh what does work. While marriage counseling is not just for those who think their relationship is troubled, it is extremely beneficial when you feel like it is. It provides a safe place to work on the issues that arise, facilitate constructive communication and eventually get back to a place where your marriage can thrive.

Healthy relationships are building blocks to healthy happy lives. 

Pre-Marriage, Relationship and Marriage Counseling: Services
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